The Baker

Aanchal grew up partly in Switzerland and mostly in India. Then a young girl, Aanchal was often surprised by her neighbor Anita Edger with chocolate cakes and cookies on festive occasions. Edger once invited Aanchal and her mother for a cookie baking session, this experience left Aanchal awestruck.

From then to India, she always remembered and cherished this experience. Her first time baking wasn't such a success and only led to a plastic vessel with a half-baked cake thrown out secretively. Years later, the little spark led to a baking class in the neighborhood, a few cakes for family festivities and applauds later, Oven Bytes was born!

As a baker, Aanchal likes to experiment with looks and artistic possibilities of achieving the same taste in a not so mundane manner. Each bake is unique in its form, making it exciting for her as well as the customer.



Dwarka, New Dehli

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